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Repro Products’ 41 Years in Business

June 6th is a very special day for Repro Products – it marks the day our President, Bob Feldberg made his first sale. In the beginning, Repro Products, Inc. (RPI) sold drafting supplies. Later, we became a blue printer and began to sell wide format print equipment.

Recognizing the need to change with our customers and technology, through the years we added products and services to align with advancements that affected our design and construction clients:

  • Our experience as a blue printer provided us with a unique perspective on engineering, architectural and construction industries and facilitated our move from selling drafting angles and tables into selling and supporting Autodesk Software. We have now been an Autodesk reseller for over 25 years and are a Gold Partner and Autodesk Authorized Training Center.
  • Although we still do a lot printing for our clients, our print shop’s production services grew to incorporate digital services including managing plan rooms, metadata entry and data mapping.

In the last decade there was another shift — a larger demand for half-size prints. Although printed on 11×17” paper, a half-size print requires more expertise from a printer than producing a regular office document. Ten years ago, we expanded our decades-long affiliation with Xerox and became the designated metro Atlanta Xerox Agency providing multifunction and production devices that support not only our architectural and construction customers’ drawings but also the office staff and marketing teams (and production printers) of a wide variety of businesses throughout metro Atlanta.

One division of our business works diligently with our clients helping them make better BIM (Building Information Modeling) models. The other part still prints 2D plans. As the two worlds become closer and closer in technology, we changed from meeting in architects’ and engineers’ offices to engaging with our construction clients on their job sites. The experience of being in the field with our clients, working with them on projects they are trying to win and witnessing the end results of jobs they designed and built, we realized there were still some important solutions we needed to provide.

One large hole to fill was accurate building documentation. Our clients need it to bid a project, plan it effectively, ensure it is being built correctly and to provide a more complete deliverable to their clients. Everyone knows that as-built drawings are a myth. And even with BIM-enabled construction sites, the need to ensure what is being built as it is being built is important.

We knew that 3D laser scanning was the answer to getting this vital documentation. We provide 3D laser scanning services across the U.S. for business ranging from architectural firms to general contractors to manufacturing plants.

Just possessing accurate data is not enough, though. We knew we had to own the proper data capture and use workflow. Receiving data that is approachable and usable is vital to our clients’ success. For our Autodesk software users, we train on how to actually use the data in the software. Our non-design clients receive an accurate 3D image file that lets them move around, see and measure virtually but with real, accurate data.

We invite you to join our journey as we venture into the next 41 years, evolving our offerings to meet the next technological advancements.

Repro Products Completes 3D Laser Scanning Project at Water Treatment Facility

Interested in 3D Laser Scanning for your next renovation project? 

Check out our latest laser scanning project at a water treatment facility. The first picture was taken in a 3D laser scan from 2017.


Repro Products scanned the existing conditions of a rotary screen system at a water treatment plant last year which enabled the engineers to fit this equipment in place this year with minor modifications.


Screen Rotary - 2018

The screen rotary is being replaced to accommodate the growing population of the area surrounding the plant. The machines have a fine screen inside that push the waste through them separating the water from the trash that makes is then pushed into the sewer plant. The water goes on to be further treated while the waste is disposed of in the dumpsters below.

3D Laser Scanning for your business

Repro Products’ 3D laser scanning services enable clients to add, modify, validate and document their design process in context from existing environments. This project allowed the plant to have a full scope of the existing conditions before renovations were made to the facility. If you are interested in 3D laser scanning services for your business then contact us or give us a call at 866-665-7604.

Discover How to Integrate 3D Laser Scanning Data

Lunch & Learn

Location: Repro Products’ Headquarters | 4485 Atlanta Road, Smyrna, GA 30080 [click here for map]

Friday, September 22nd
11:00 a.m. – Registration & Networking
11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. – Session

Cost: No Charge

3D laser scanning technology provides users with detailed point clouds for diverse applications including:

• Historic Preservation
• Accurate As-builts for Adaptive Reuse
• New Construction Verification
• Plant Layout
• Facilities Management

Repro Products, the Atlanta-based company that has provided nationwide 3D laser scanning services to some of the most high-profile renovation and new construction projects, will share how your company can benefit from point cloud data in this session. Enjoy brunch while you see a live 3D laser scan and learn how scanning of buildings and entire environments facilitate creation of fully-surfaced CAD models. These models are used by a variety of industries, including: architectural design, civil engineering and construction, facility management and manufacturing.

*Registration is limited to two attendees per company.