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3D Laser Scanner & Accessory Rentals

3D laser scanner rental

Get the power of 3D laser scanning on your jobsite by renting a FARO 3D laser scanner from Repro Products. We offer daily, weekly and monthly rentals for your project needs.

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3D Laser Scanner

The new Industrial Line elevating tripod is designed especially for the use of 3D Laser scanners. The laser scanner can be mounted either at the top or at the bottom of the elevating column ensuring maximum flexibility. When mounted at the top, the laser scanner can be easily lifted to desired working height. The indirect gear unit allows for maximum convenience. For shaft applications, the laser scanner can be mounted at the bottom of the elevating column and inserted from above the shaft cover into the shaft compartment.

3d Laser Scanner | Repro Products

The toothed column extends to almost any length. Additional rack elements are inserted into the elevating head and securely connected to the previously inserted toothed column element with the aid of an innovative locking device. For even more comfort, the laser scanner can be lifted with a cordless power drill. A proper screw bit to replace the crank is supplied as a standard. Needless to say that the Industrial Line elevating tripod is equipped with a twist proof elevating column with centric clamping and combi tripod shoes for all terrain use.


  • Elevating tripod with toothed column
  • 4 rack elements, 1 m each, in a carrying bag
  • 5 mm Allen key
  • Magnetic bit holder for cordless screwdriver
  • Hand crank with magnetic bit holder

Technical Data

  • Min. effective height: approx. 44″ / 1.10 m
  • Max. effective height: approx. 197″ / 5.00 m
  • Depth of shaft: approx. 157″ / 4.00 m
  • Retracted length : approx. 48″ / 1.22 m
  • Weight: approx. 20lbs. / 9.00 kg
  • Tripod plate: flat,  4.3″ / 110 mm

NEDO Elevating Tripod Rental

NEDO elevating tripod

Rent the NEDO Elevating Tripod for $100 per day. 

Please call this number: (770) 434-3050 if you are interested in renting the tripod.

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