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Grand Format Graphics

Repro Products, in conjunction with other members of the Repro Products’ family of businesses, offers a myriad of grand format graphics to provide the visibility you seek for your company. We provide vehicle wraps, trade show graphics and all types and sizes of signage. We are a full-service printing company that provides nationwide solutions in the design, printing and installation of large format graphics.

Whether you are considering vehicle graphics, trade show displays, Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays, or other grand format applications, consider their impact:

Grand format graphics applications

Vehicle graphics – We provide the highest quality vehicle wraps at affordable prices. Companies have done the research and selected us to provide their vehicle graphics. Why? Because fleet graphics are paramount.

Are you skittish about placing wraps on your paint? Not to worry. Vehicle wraps do not damage your automobile’s paint when applied correctly by a Professional Installer. Repro Products ensures our car wraps will not fade and are backed by up to a 3-year performance guarantee. Vehicle wraps are nonabrasive and can easily be removed.

Event and trade show displays – Despite the dawning of the digital age, nothing accelerates sales and cultivates relationships like the face-to-face marketing and the brand experience of events. Trade show displays are a vital part of this outreach, and Repro Products provides the ultimate in turnkey design and branding flexibility. Our designers fabricate the best possible trade show display for our customers’ needs. We also offer graphic design as an added service to our trade show products. Other benefits include:

    • Selection — Thousands of different trade show templates to choose from
    • Materials – A vast choice of different materials, surfaces, colors and adhesives
    • Tailored solutions — Repro Products offers products from different premier manufacturers to suit your needs – and your budget.
    • Quality guarantee – we can back our displays with up to a 10-year warranty.

No display job is too small or too big.

Point-of-Purchase (POP) – POP graphics offer a value-added experience to retail customers. Retailers rely on these displays to capture consumers’ attention and to quickly close a sale. POPs can be the key to impact a buying decision for a specific brand or product.

We can print on countless surfaces including: ceiling tiles, glass, counter tops, bar tops, plexi-glass, foam board, plastics, metals, doors, canvas and more to ensure your POP graphics pop and capture your customers’ attention no matter where they look.

Indoor/outdoor displays – If you are looking for bold and powerful displays, then you have come to the right spot. Repro Products provides a variety of indoor and outdoor displays for any project or budget.

Banners – Small or large, inside or out; Repro Products is your banner and sign specialist for delivering quick bursts of essential information. We can print the latest in 16 feet UV and solvent print technology.

Windowshades & screens – Custom solar screens provide branding opportunity, communicate services or products, enhance curb appeal, provide cost savings and enhanced customer experience in retail environments.

Dimensional displays & signs – We produce routed signs, personalized signs, 3-D letters and more using the latest advanced technology that results in superior quality graphics. No matter where your sign is going to be displayed, we provide the dimension to make it pop.

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CEIR: The Role and Value of Face to Face
§ Packaging Innovations:

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Grand Format Graphics

BrandArmor brings its innovative technology to bear on the fleet graphic industry with the development of specialized solutions and products. Our team works to constantly identify, create, market and produce a family of unique products and solutions across a broad range of industries.

BrandArmor develops specialized products for the fleet graphic industry, creating solutions designed to outlast any alternatives. Most importantly, they are designed to look clean, bright and shiny throughout their expected 7-10 year lives — even in environmentally challenging industries such as refuse, cement, construction, over-the-road trucks and service truck fleets.

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