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Autodesk® Civil 3D®

Civil 3D civil engineering design software supports BIM (Building Information Modeling) with integrated features to improve drafting, design, and construction documentation.

Better Civil Design Workflows with Autodesk® Civil 3D 2022®

Streamline tasks, maintain consistent data and respond to changes quickly.

What’s New in Civil 3D 2022

New capabilities advancing automation for site grading: Grading Optimization takes the parameters that you have specified and generates, very quickly, an optimal grading solution. This grading solution will also be mindful of earthwork quantities. The result of the optimization can be sent directly back to Civil 3D, giving the engineer great flexibility in choosing the best, most cost-effective grading design. Grading Optimization gives the engineer the power to more efficiently grade their engineering projects.

Enhanced conceptual design features for transportation workflows: When selecting intersecting alignments, users have a broader range of geometric options for the connecting alignment. The new connected alignment solution supports complex curve groups, offsets from parent alignments, curves larger than 180-degrees, and calculates the crossfall of the associated profiles. This tool puts greater control into your hands for interchange design.

More streamlined multi-disciplinary bridge design workflows: The expansion of bridge girder modeling capabilities enables designers to use and create their own complex 3D models of full span bridge girders to reflect requirements and LOD, making this traditionally difficult work much easier and quicker.

Updates driving project efficiency with Project Explorer and Model Builder: For InfraWorks, ModelBuilder service makes a huge impact on project modeling by providing existing conditions and build model for quick conceptual modeling. In this release, this service is enhanced with new and streamlined interface to provide more consistent experience and improve usability.

Expanded reality capture capabilities to help convert the physical world to a digital model: Autodesk® ReCap Pro 2022 brings an exciting and noteworthy laser scanning workflow with Scan to Mesh.  With Scan to Mesh, you can select all or a portion of a point cloud in ReCap Pro 2022 and have it create a low, medium or high quality mesh. Once the scan or scans have been uploaded to the cloud service, the mesh that will be generated can now be saved to Autodesk® Drive, BIM 360, or Autodesk® Docs.

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Benefits of using Civil 3D vs AutoCAD

Autodesk Civil 3D brings dramatic time savings to civil engineers across abroad range of civil infrastructure project workflows.  Click the thumbnail below to view the productivity study highlights.

InfraWorks 2022 is Here

InfraWorks 2022: This release of InfraWorks continues to build on capabilities that improve civil structures workflows along with improvements for Model Builder, component roads layout, and reality capture. InfraWorks 2022 offers the following new features:

Full span complex 3D girders: Create complex 3D models of full span bridge girders meeting project requirements and LOD.

Active linear road decorations: Apply/edit decor to component roads w/out model regeneration to speed design processes.

Model Builder UI enhancements: Streamlined interface for more consistent user experience across tools.

Refined bridge analysis: Take bridge design beyond preliminary stages with grillage and finite element analysis.

Increased cross frame LOD: Reduce time to model complexities; automatic modeling of cross frames and diaphragms.

Component road enhancements: Effectively validate corridor parameters, adjust lane component styles to design standards.

Native LAS/LAZ format support: Import both LAS and LAZ point cloud data formats natively into InfraWorks.

Bridge design: Rapidly develop multiple design options with powerful parametric modeling and automated documentation.

Corridor modeling: Use the power and precision of Civil 3D for corridor models in Infraworks.

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Civil Engineering demands a lot from you; streamlining communications, ensuring compliance, accurate documentation and adapting to endless revisions. And those are no small feats. Moreover, you face steep implementation hurdles when selecting the right software – such as deciding which software best fits your operations, training your talent to full proficiency, onboarding new seats and ongoing support. This technological road map can be daunting. Where to turn?


Fortunately, Repro Products enjoys an Autodesk Authorized Training Center in our Smyrna Headquarters and a mobile lab that enables us to bring training to your location. This makes us uniquely equipped to ease you through the process of software selection, training and support. Contact us today at and put Civil 3D to work for you, or click on the training calendar image below to view our regularly scheduled classes.

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