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Autodesk Civil 3D

What is Civil 3D?

Civil 3D® design software empowers civil engineers to realize tomorrow’s infrastructure, today.

  • Work with a model-based environment for better design decisions and project quality.

  • Streamline documentation with a design-driven approach to plans production.

  • Harness the power of BIM (Building Information Modeling) for greater design coordination and project collaboration.

What’s New in Civil 3D 2025

Coordinate system modernization

To help civil engineers set up coordinate systems fast and efficiently, Autodesk has improved the UI, making it more intuitive and easier to use. Civil 3D 2025 will also allow you to set NAVD 88 vertical datum (not just horizontal data) and import customer-requested coordinate systems. They’ve added more coordinate systems to the database. These changes can help improve productivity, ease-of-use, and design accuracy.

Multi-baseline corridor setup

With this improvement, designers don’t have to wade through the “pick and click” process when setting up a corridor model that has multiple baselines. With a single click, they can now set up these elements in one go. The UI has also been significantly updated to facilitate this time-saving update.

MMS file saving

Any time a large DWG surface file is created in a Civil 3D project, an MMS file is also created. MMS files can get very large. In some cases, these files can be several gigabytes in size. In the past, the MMS file was saved anytime the surface DWG file was opened and closed—even if no surface changes were made. This took additional time and processing power unnecessarily. Now, MMS files are only saved when the surface is modified. This one change will reduce Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) file processing time dramatically.

Esri ArcGIS® basemaps

Autodesk has expanded their strategic alliance with Esri to include new integrations in the Civil 2025 release. To help designers and engineers visualize terrain, streets, and structures, they’ve added five Esri basemaps to the Civil 3D ribbon under the Geolocation tab:

  • Open streets
  • Esri streets
  • High-resolution satellite and aerial imagery
  • Light and dark grey monochrome maps

Benefits of using Civil 3D vs AutoCAD

Autodesk Civil 3D brings dramatic time savings to civil engineers across abroad range of civil infrastructure project workflows.  Click the thumbnail below to view the productivity study highlights.

InfraWorks is Here

Check for bridge updates: Select parametric bridge and tunnel content in the Style Palette and check for updates, then apply all the changes to all instances in the InfraWorks model.

Command search: Quickly get to working in InfraWorks by using simple terms to search for the commands you need.

Update from Structural Bridge Design: Bi-directional workflow enables a more efficient process for the management of changes to steel girder dimensions during the iteration of bridge design.

Parametric content creation: Use a simplified process for extending InfraWorks libraries with components created in Autodesk Inventor.


Civil Engineering demands a lot from you; streamlining communications, ensuring compliance, accurate documentation and adapting to endless revisions. And those are no small feats. Moreover, you face steep implementation hurdles when selecting the right software – such as deciding which software best fits your operations, training your talent to full proficiency, onboarding new seats and ongoing support. This technological road map can be daunting. Where to turn?


Fortunately, Repro Products enjoys an Autodesk Authorized Training Center in our Smyrna Headquarters and a mobile lab that enables us to bring training to your location. This makes us uniquely equipped to ease you through the process of software selection, training and support. Contact us today at and put Civil 3D to work for you, or click on the training calendar image below to view our regularly scheduled classes.

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