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Water Infrastructure

Challenges You Can Solve with Water Infrastructure Software

Overflowing sewers can expose you to regulatory pressure, fines, and bad headlines as customers complain. Design, modeling, and asset infrastructure analysis can show you the best way forward.

Leaks, bursts, and other non-revenue water are enduring problems, but tracking them down and addressing them is now easier than ever, with powerful data analytics and modeling to show the best repair options.

How good is your water quality? We’ll help you model, monitor, and analyze your metrics.

Extreme weather is one of the greatest challenges the water industry faces. With our live and offline modeling throughout your catchments, watersheds, and networks, drainage and sustainable drainage design, risk assessments, and dashboards, you’ll be prepared and able to act.

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Design Optimization of networks to mitigate flooding and meet regulatory requirements . InfoDrainage creates detailed designs of  both traditional and sustainable drainage, plus customizable reports  for local regulatory compliance.

InfoDrainage Standard: Includes everything needed for an engineer to complete an optimal drainage design from conceptual to detailed design phase and gain regulatory approval.

  • Customizable reports for local regulatory compliance.
  • Analyze drainage design (pipes, manholes, green infrastructure) for required rainfall events to demonstrate compliance.

InfoDrainage Ultimate: Ultimate includes additional integration with Civil 3D for delivering BIM compliance and demonstration of exceedance overland flow paths using 1D-2D analysis as required by some approving authorities.

  • All Standard functionality
  • Round trip between InfoDrainage and Civil 3D to minimize data loss and enable compliance with BIM workflows.
  • Sync designs between InfoDrainage within Civil 3D
  • For advanced design requirements demonstrate overland flow paths for exceedance events using 1D-2D analysis.

Modeling and simulation of flood and storm water drainage systems  and sewer collection systems InfoWorks ICM models complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly, accurately, and collaboratively for stormwater and wastewater. InfoWorks ICM helps you plan for capacity improvements, system expansions, and emergency scenarios for water and wastewater professionals.

InfoWorks ICM Standard: Provides a user the ability to plan, design and simulate urban drainage systems, storm sewers, and sanitary sewers for a single project.

  • Users can assess system capacity and performance under
    varying future scenarios.
  • Integrate GIS and local data connection, track data quality with version control & validation tools.
  • Model sewers and rivers with SWMM or ICM SIM engines.

InfoWorks ICM Ultimate: Ultimate allows the utility or consultant to collaborate with peers and carry out the complex risk   assessments and flood management strategies on the catchment & watershed scale.

  • All Standard functionality
  • Collaborate from a shared model database with version control
  • Dispatch simulations to remote servers for significant compute
    and performance gains
  • Directly integrate with timeseries sensor & radar spatial rainfall data
  • Build catchment to watershed level (1D-2D) models for integrated flood assessments.

Modeling of water distribution systems  to ensure clean drinking water InfoWater Pro is a hydraulic modeling application built-in ArcGIS Pro. InfoWater Pro is mainly used for water system master planning, designing pipe systems for new development, preparing for emergency response.

Modeling of water distribution systems to ensure clean drinking  water InfoWorks WS Pro is an enterprise solution that helps  individuals and teams of modelers efficiently conduct master plans, design networks, accurately simulate operations, and conveniently assess network resilience.


Civil Engineering demands a lot from you; streamlining communications, ensuring compliance, accurate documentation and adapting to endless revisions. And those are no small feats. Moreover, you face steep implementation hurdles when selecting the right software – such as deciding which software best fits your operations, training your talent to full proficiency, onboarding new seats and ongoing support. This technological road map can be daunting. Where to turn?


Fortunately, Repro Products enjoys an Autodesk Authorized Training Center in our Smyrna Headquarters and a mobile lab that enables us to bring training to your location. This makes us uniquely equipped to ease you through the process of software selection, training and support. Contact us today at, or click on the training calendar image below to view our regularly scheduled classes.

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