Duct Tape Doesn’t Fix Everything

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BrandArmor+ offers its own innovative surface technology for office walls with anti-microbial polymer film. Our team works to constantly identify, create, market and produce a family of unique products and solutions across a broad range of industries designed to outlast any alternatives. Most importantly, we design our surfaces to look clean, bright and attractive throughout their expected life cycles — even in physically punishing industries.

Walls and Interiors

For sanitary office environments, we offer anti-microbial wall surfaces with SafeWalls™ to help keep your visiting public clean, safe and healthy, while at the same time providing rich, vivid wall murals. SafeWalls are a Type II wallcovering specially formulated for use in Healthcare, Food Service and Hospitality markets where cleanliness, durability, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial features are preferred or required. SafeWalls surfaces are naturally anti-bacterial and has been manufactured with active anti-microbials that inhibits the growth of 99.9% of microbes on the surface. Furthermore, BrandArmor+® Technology is the FIRST and only surface protection film certified effective against COVID-19, eliminating up to 96.2% of the virus on the surface in 1 hour.

Beyond safety, SafeWalls also look attractive and tasteful in commercial environs. Their surfaces are protected with our proprietary polymer finish, which assures a long-lasting, color-fast and easily cleaned surface for clean, bright and rich colors for murals and patterns alike.

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