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Elevate Your Prints with HP DesignJet Z Pro Printers!

In search of a printing solution that combines exceptional image quality, high productivity, smart printing capabilities, and world-class security features? Look no further than the HP DesignJet Z Pro series printers. These cutting-edge large format printers are designed to meet the demands of those who seek the best in the industry. Let’s dive into the outstanding features and possibilities that these printers bring to the table:

Exceptional Image Quality:

  • Experience the Widest Color Gamut: With HP DesignJet Z Pro printers, you can deliver an unmatched color range, ensuring your prints are vibrant and true to life.
  • Achieve Color Accuracy and Consistency: Thanks to the RGB HP Vivid Photo Inks and the embedded spectrophotometer, you can achieve precise color matching on every print.
  • Core HP Technology: HP Pixel Control and the HP Gloss Enhancer Kit work together to provide you with superior quality prints, smooth gradients, and uniform gloss.

High Productivity:

  • Faster Printing, Better Quality: Print up to 46% faster without compromising on print quality, so you can take on more projects and meet tight deadlines with ease.
  • Efficiency at its Best: The spindle-less system, automatic roll feed, and dual roll option enhance your productivity and workflow.
  • Universal HP HDNA Printheads: Utilize these advanced printheads and recyclable 1-liter HP Eco-Carton ink cartridges to minimize supply interventions and maximize printer uptime.

Smart Printing:

  • Control from Anywhere: Whether you’re at the office or on the go, manage your print operations from virtually anywhere.
  • Remote Media Presets: Easily share media presets remotely to maintain consistency and efficiency in your printing process.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Stay updated with instant notifications on supplies, system status, and connectivity through HP PrintOS.

World’s Most Secure:

  • Worry-Free Printing: HP DesignJet Z Pro printers come equipped with built-in security features, protecting your business against potential attacks and malware.
  • Customizable Security Preferences: Set your desired security preferences anytime for additional peace of mind.

Discover the Possibilities:

  • Professional Photography: Expand your creative horizons and print large-format professional photos with confidence using the RGB HP Vivid Photo Inks.
  • Fine Art Reproduction: Impress galleries and artists with exceptional fine art reproductions on various printing materials, from canvas to fine art paper.
  • POP/POS Retail Signage: Elevate your store’s advertising with high-impact graphics on multiple material types for a premium and appealing retail experience.
  • GIS Maps: Deliver precise and detailed large-format maps, communicating broad-scale spatial information effectively.

Repro Products offers the HP DesignJet Z Pro series and a wide variety of other HP wide format printers. To explore our lineup and take your printing to new heights, click HERE.

Introducing Repro Products’ Line of Xerox B/W Multifunction Printers

In today’s fast-paced office environment, efficiency and productivity are paramount. Repro Products understands the need for streamlined workflows and offers a range of Xerox multifunction printers that are designed to maximize productivity with their print, copy, scan, and fax capabilities. Let’s explore the advantages of these innovative printers and how they can benefit your office.

Simplicity Redefined with All-in-One Printers

Repro Products’ line of Xerox black and white multifunction printers simplifies the way your office works by eliminating the need for multiple machines. With these all-in-one printers, you can conveniently perform printing, faxing, scanning, and copying tasks from a single device. Equipped with advanced laser technology, these printers deliver faster results, ensuring that you get what you need when you need it. Whether you have a small workspace or a large office, these printers are designed to meet the demands of your business.

Savings and Efficiency

Managing office equipment and supplies can be a hassle. These multifunction printers help you save both time and money. By downsizing to an all-in-one printer, you eliminate the need to purchase various supplies for different machines. Additionally, these printers utilize toner instead of ink, which lasts longer, providing you with more value for your money. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of constantly replacing ink cartridges and welcome the cost-effective solution offered by Xerox.

Small Footprint, Powerful Performance

Office space is a valuable resource, and it’s important to optimize it for maximum productivity. That’s why these printers are designed with a small footprint, allowing them to fit seamlessly into your workspace without overcrowding it. Despite their compact size, these machines deliver exceptional performance, capable of meeting even large print demands. Additionally, we understand the importance of a quiet work environment, which is why our line of Xerox multifunction printers are engineered for quiet production, ensuring that your employees can focus without distractions. Worried about cable management? These devices can be effortlessly connected via a wireless network, eliminating cable clutter and providing you with greater flexibility.

Empowering Mobile Workflows

In the modern workplace, mobility is key. This is why these printers are equipped with smart ConnectKey® technology. This innovative feature allows users to handle multiple workflows from virtually anywhere. They can connect to cloud-based information through apps, enabling you to keep your processes running smoothly on any device, no matter where you are. Stay connected, productive, and efficient with Xerox’s mobile printing capabilities.

Speed and Precision for Impressive Results

When it comes to printing, speed and quality matter. These multifunction devices deliver fast printing with crisp, clear text and graphics. The laser technology employed by these printers uses heat to press toner onto paper, reducing smudging and ensuring clean, professional-looking black-and-white prints. The use of a single light source allows for precise toner application, resulting in sharp, high-quality prints that you can be proud of.


Repro Products’ line of Xerox black and white multifunction printers offers a comprehensive solution for maximizing productivity in your office. With their all-in-one capabilities, cost savings, small footprint, mobile printing features, and fast performance, these printers are designed to meet the demands of the modern workplace. Experience the efficiency, convenience, and quality that these printers bring to your office, and elevate your productivity to new heights by visiting HERE

Xerox Named Leader in Print Security: Addressing Challenges of the Hybrid Workplace

In today’s digital world, keeping data safe is crucial. With more remote and hybrid work setups, organizations must protect their print infrastructure. Xerox has been named a Leader in Quocirca’s 2023 Print Security Market Landscape Report, confirming its position as a top print vendor.

The report highlights the challenges faced by organizations in the hybrid workplace. Shockingly, 61% of organizations have suffered data losses due to insecure printing practices. This emphasizes the need for strong print security measures.

Xerox understands this urgency and has invested heavily in securing clients’ print infrastructure and data. Tracey Koziol, EVP of Global Offering Solutions and Chief Product Officer at Xerox, stresses the importance of enabling security solutions for distributed workforces. To combat cybercrime and prevent data loss, proactive measures are essential.

Xerox has strengthened its leadership in print security. Quocirca commends Xerox for its advancements in device security, fleet management, and content security. Notable progress has been made in areas like certificate management, firmware management, vulnerability management, security monitoring, and automated remediation.

What sets Xerox apart is its extensive experience in managed print services and comprehensive security assessments. Xerox excels in securing and optimizing document workflows, making them a trusted partner in print security.

Xerox follows a multi-layered security approach based on Zero Trust principles, enhancing security for all clients. The company has filed over 600 security-related patents, showing their commitment to staying ahead of threats. By integrating with Security Information and Event Management solutions, Xerox enables advanced analytics and AI, integrating printer security into broader organizational systems. Xerox products also adhere to strict industry certifications.

To further improve security, Xerox also has a private bug bounty program with HackerOne, proactively identifying and fixing potential vulnerabilities. Their security measures extend to cloud services, including Xerox® Workplace Cloud, providing secure print and fleet management solutions.

Xerox understands the challenges organizations face in protecting their printers and data, especially with remote and hybrid works setups. By offering advanced security solutions, Xerox helps businesses feel confident in their ability to keep their information safe in today’s digital world.

Customers can find Xerox’s product line at Repro Products! To learn more, visit HERE

Repro Products, Inc. Celebrates 44th Anniversary!

Repro Products, Inc. Celebrates 44 Years of Innovation and Growth
Smyrna, GA – June 6, 2023:
It is with excitement that we announce the remarkable 44th anniversary of Repro Products, Inc. (RPI)! Against all odds, we have defied industry statistics and thrived in the ever-changing business landscape.

From our humble beginnings in a two-bedroom apartment in Smyrna back in 1979, where we sold blueprint supplies, we have evolved into the premier total solutions provider to the architectural, engineering, and construction industries in Atlanta and the Southeast. Our commitment to embracing the latest digital technology and partnering with leading hardware and software manufacturers has enabled us to stay ahead of industry trends and advancements. With a wide range of services, including wide format equipment, printing and reprographic services, Autodesk software, and training, we are dedicated to meeting our customers’ diverse needs. Furthermore, we are proud to offer cutting-edge offerings like 3D laser scanning and drone aerial imaging, ensuring we remain at the forefront of innovation.

Throughout our journey, we have been honored with prestigious accolades, a testament to our commitment to excellence. As we move forward, we are determined to continuously evolve and exceed our customers’ ever-changing expectations.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers, dedicated employees, and the incredible support from our community. It is your trust and support that have propelled us through this incredible 44-year journey. Here’s to celebrating this milestone together and to the promise of many more years of shared success!

Embrace a Greener Future with Kyocera Products

In today’s world, sustainability has become a critical aspect of conducting business. The urgent need to combat climate change and protect our environment has prompted organizations of all sizes and industries to prioritize sustainable practices. As a seller of Kyocera products, Repro Products understands the importance of sustainability and is proud to partner with a company that shares the same values.

Kyocera has been a pioneer in sustainable technology for over 30 years, with their groundbreaking ECOSYS series leading the way. This wealth of experience places Kyocera in a unique position to guide businesses towards more sustainable practices in the workplace, regardless of whether it’s an office, a manufacturing plant, or a home-based environment.

Green Devices & Documents Solutions

One of the key ways Kyocera contributes to sustainability is through their dedication to developing green devices and document solutions. By focusing on longevity and energy efficiency, Kyocera devices are designed with fewer moving parts, resulting in reduced energy consumption. This not only benefits the planet but also helps businesses save on energy costs.

Furthermore, Kyocera’s commitment to the 3R design (reduction, reuse, and recycling) ensures that 99% of their components and products are officially green. By incorporating the principles of the circular economy, Kyocera minimizes waste and maximizes resource efficiency. Additionally, Kyocera products are registered with the Electronic Product Assessment Tool (EPEAT), allowing users to choose electronics that align with their sustainability goals.

Eco-friendly Software

In addition to their green devices, Kyocera offers digital solutions that complement their hardware, enabling businesses to reduce paper consumption and promote collaboration. With the shift to hybrid work environments, it has become increasingly important to have tools that streamline workflows while being secure and environmentally friendly. Kyocera’s eco-friendly software solutions make it easy to manage documents digitally, reducing waste, saving money, and boosting productivity.

Toner Recycling Program

Furthermore, Kyocera’s ECO footPRINT™ Toner Recycling Program demonstrates their dedication to finding ways to use resources more efficiently and effectively, while also minimizing waste and environmental impact. By recycling used ink cartridges, Kyocera helps businesses minimize their ecological footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

How Repro Can Help

At Repro Products, we understand that sustainability is not just an option; it is the only way forward. That’s why we are proud to offer Kyocera products, which are at the forefront of the sustainability movement. By choosing Kyocera, businesses can reduce their environmental footprint, save on costs, and future-proof their operations.

Taking a step towards sustainability does not mean sacrificing economic growth or productivity. On the contrary, implementing sustainable practices ensures the long-term success and resilience of businesses. Kyocera’s commitment to sustainability, coupled with their innovative products and solutions, makes them an ideal partner for organizations looking to create a greener future.

For more information about Repro Products’ line of Kyocera copiers and multifunction printers, click HERE

The Feldberg Family Scholarship Fund Makes a Difference

One of the advantages of working at Repro Products and our sister company, The Color Spot, is the Feldberg Family Scholarship Fund. This fund offers employees and their dependents opportunities to receive scholarships to achieve vocational, technical, undergraduate or graduate degrees at accredited institutions. The Feldberg Family Scholarship Fund works with the Cobb Community Foundation to administer the scholarships. Shari Martin, President & CEO of Cobb Community Foundation, recently wrote about the Foundation’s work in assisting organizations with their scholarship programs. Check out her letter HERE  and check out the open positions at Repro Products today!

Learn more here➡️https://www.reproproducts.com/about/careers/

Toshiba’s Best Practices for Print Security

Document security is a crucial aspect for any organization that handles sensitive information. From its inception to disposal, documents must be safeguarded to prevent unauthorized access, tampering or loss of information. This involves securing the document capture, store, and delivery processes in a print environment.

Here are some best practices to ensure document security:

Secure data capture: Companies must ensure that the print devices use secure print protocols and encrypted transmission channels for scanning documents. Communication devices should be configured with TLS 1.2 or higher, HTTPS and WPA2 for wireless security. Unsecured or unused wireless communication (Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth) should be disabled on the print devices. Whitelisting the scan destinations ensures that sensitive documents can be scanned to only specific scan destinations.

Document Encryption: It is essential to ensure that business documents are encrypted, and password protected when they are stored or shared, so in case a document falls into the wrong hands, they are not able to open the documents. Adding security stamps to stored documents helps organizations determine the source of the documents and avoid any tampering.

Secure document delivery: Organizations must ensure that their document delivery process is fully secure to avoid eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks. Implementing secure print release solutions for their printer fleet ensures that confidential documents are held in a secure print queue until the owner of the print job authenticates and releases the print job at the printer. Secure document exchange ensures that only the intended recipient can access the file.

Document copy protection & tracking: Certain document types should never be copied or scanned. Print devices must provide a mechanism to protect such documents from copy, print or scan. Hardcopy security features within multifunction devices protect classified documents from illegal copies being made.

In conclusion, ensuring document security is critical for any organization that handles sensitive information. Companies must take appropriate measures to secure their document capture, store, and delivery processes in a print environment. Repro Products’ Toshiba line of products provides a range of solutions that can help organizations improve their document security practices. If you are interested in learning more about our line of Toshiba copiers and multifunction printers click HERE  or email marketing@reproproducts.com

Kyocera Net Manager: The Smart Choice for Safe and Efficient Document Management

In today’s digital age, businesses need to be able to print and scan documents securely and efficiently. Kyocera Net Manager is a comprehensive solution that caters to these needs by providing a platform that is both safe and efficient.

One of the most important aspects of Kyocera Net Manager is security. With the option to log in via ID card, PIN, or mobile device, it ensures that confidential data is kept safe. Additionally, all data transmitted across the print network is encrypted end-to-end, providing secure operations even when printing from a mobile device.

Kyocera Net Manager also helps streamline workflows through process automation, such as scan-to-email, which reduces costs and paper usage, benefiting the environmental impact of business operations. It reduces print waste by allowing users to easily eliminate unwanted print jobs.

By providing the means to copy, scan, and print in one package, Kyocera Net Manager is a complete solution that is ready to elevate productivity and efficiency. Customers can use the intuitive panel to create a personalized printing and scanning experience by selecting their favorite tasks, saving valuable time and boosting productivity.

Kyocera Net Manager offers a range of features, including:

  • Accounting and reporting
  • Authentication
  • Print and follow
  • Mobile print
  • Personalized workflows
  • Device management

The detailed reports provide analysis regarding print usage, highlighting areas where costs can be reduced. Print jobs can be released where users want, and only released upon authentication, ensuring that valuable documents remain safe. Users can enjoy greater mobility by being able to print from their mobile devices. They can also choose the configuration that best works for their workflows, ensuring maximum efficiency. Finally, with Kyocera Net Manager, businesses can monitor device activity on their network to ensure even greater security.

In conclusion, Kyocera Net Manager ensures that users can focus on their core tasks and leave the printing and scanning to a reliable platform. If you would like more information about the Kyocera Net Manager or any other Kyocera products that we carry, email marketing@reproproducts.com

Xerox Recognized As One Of The Top Sustainable Companies

Xerox has once again been recognized as one of the most sustainable corporations in the world, marking its third consecutive year on the Global 100 list. The Global 100 list is a yearly ranking of how well big companies are doing at sustainability. It’s put together by a group called Corporate Knights, experts who look at nearly 7000 companies, and use a strict method to figure out which ones are doing the best job.

As sustainability becomes increasingly important to consumers, investors, and stakeholders, this achievement highlights Xerox’s continued dedication to preservation, innovation and social responsibility.

Corporate Knights evaluated Xerox based on various criteria, including clean revenue from products, waste reduction, carbon use, and energy intensity. Xerox’s recognition is a testament to its commitment to developing innovative and eco-friendly printing solutions that reduce waste, energy consumption, and carbon emissions while maintaining exceptional quality.

Xerox has been a leader in printing technology for years, and its commitment to sustainability is reflected in its products and operations.

One of the greatest examples is their multifunction systems which greatly reduce amount of energy required to provide customers with copy, print, fax, and scan capabilities by combining the functions into one machine.

Along with these offerings, Xerox has set ambitious goals to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040, cementing its position at the forefront of sustainability.

Customers can find Xerox’s product line at Repro Products, which offers office/multifunction printers and digital presses as well as scanners that enhance printing experiences while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. For more information, click HERE 

Why Should You Invest In A HP Latex 700/800 Series Printer?

Overview: The HP Latex 700 and 800 printers are two powerful and versatile printing solutions that are ideal for businesses looking to grow their operations while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. Both printers use innovative water-based inks that are free of hazardous air pollutants and are odorless, making them safe for disposal.

HP Latex 700 Printer: is designed to meet deadlines with smart, efficient printing that delivers vivid colors at high speeds with striking contrast. This advanced technology makes it fast and effective for printing a variety of materials, such as banners, posters, and wallpaper. The front panel of the printer is smart and user-friendly, allowing for fast processing of reprints and multi-copy jobs. You can also control print operations anytime, anywhere with HP PrintOS tools.

HP Latex 800 Printer: is a versatile and innovative printing solution. With its robust and productive features, the HP Latex 800 can help you win the high-value jobs you are after. It has a wide application range, covering banners, textiles, poster paper, canvas, wallpaper, and vinyl, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of printing needs. With its high productivity, it can print at speeds of up to 388 ft²/hr outdoors, making it a smart choice for fast-paced printing environments.

Sustainability: Both the HP Latex 700 and 800 printers are environmentally friendly. They use cost-effective and eco-friendly ink cartridges, and there is a variety of paper and materials that can be used with the printers. HP also makes it easy to recycle the packaging and ink bags by offering local recycling and free pick-up for waste. This helps to reduce waste and make printing more sustainable.

Need white ink for your print jobs? Investing in the HP Latex 700 W and 800 W printers is a wise choice. These printers offer flexible, water-based inks that are ideal for long-lasting, scratch-resistant prints and produce the whitest white for a striking, visually strong finish. Additionally, the automatic recirculation system and odorless prints make these printers efficient, easy to use, and suitable for use in public spaces, making them a smart investment for any business looking to take their printing to the next level.

(For more information about out Repro Products’ line of HP latex printers, visit HERE)

Upcoming Event: If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to learn more about the HP Latex 700/800 series and see them in action, look no further than Repro Products’ exclusive event at the HP Graphics Arts Experience Center. Our sessions on March 23rd filled up, so we have added an additional session from 2:00 – 5:00 on March 22nd. This state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to showcasing the latest and greatest in HP printing technologies, and it’s the perfect place to get up close and personal with these powerful machines.

During your visit to the HP Graphics Arts Experience Center, you’ll have the opportunity to tour the facility and observe a hands-on demonstration of how the machines operate. You’ll also be able to speak with experts from HP about the features and capabilities of these printers, and learn more about how they’re helping printing professionals to achieve new levels of quality and efficiency in their work.

*(If you are interested in attending or want some more information about this exclusive event, visit HERE)

Repro Products Has Grown Again!

Repro Products, Inc. (RPI) has grown again in 2023 and extended our offerings by combining the operations of our sister company, 4ColorLaser, with RPI.  Since 1979, businesses around Atlanta and nationwide have looked to RPI for:

  • Printing services of all sizes and types
  • State-of-the-art printers and copiers
  • Autodesk software consultations & training

Until January 2023, 4Colorlaser, was a locally owned and operated office copier, printer and MFP provider serving businesses in the Metropolitan Atlanta area since 1999. With a commitment to quality products, exceptional customer service, and effective document solutions, 4Colorlaser established a strong reputation in the industry.

Combining operations of the two companies enabled RPI to provide a wider range of products and services, while still maintaining the same level of quality and exceptional customer service that its clients have come to expect. Businesses seeking copiers, printers and multi-function devices now can select from the top manufacturers: Xerox, Kyocera, Toshiba, HP and Brother, all brought to you by RPI.  In congruence with this move, all customers of 4Colorlaser will be redirected to the Repro Products website.

RPI continues its mission to provide businesses with products and services aimed at:

  • Improving workflow management
  • Maximizing productivity
  • Guaranteeing quality results

Explore the website to see the breadth of options now available to you or contact marketing@reproproducts.com today to learn more about the products and services we offer.

Cloud and Mobile Printing On The Go Just Got Easier!

Kyocera Document Solutions America, Inc. has announced the strengthening of its partnership with MyQ, a workflow solutions provider, and the addition of the cloud-based application MyQ Roger to its software portfolio.

MyQ Roger is a smart digital workplace assistant that enables users to handle documents on the go, whether in the office, remotely, or anywhere in between. The solution is developed for the most demanding hybrid work environments and instantly turns any smartphone into a pocket-sized digital office.

Some of the key customer benefits that MyQ Roger offers include:

  • Productivity on the go: Print and scan via mobile or the cloud
  • Time-saving features: Create and save scanning workflows for immediate access
  • Voice technology: Access pre-set workflows using built-in voice assistance
  • Security and safety: Unique QR access codes and data encryption keep data safe
  • Cost-effectiveness: One annual per-device fee covers the complete range of services
  • Third-party compatibility: Use Microsoft 365 and cloud storage platforms like OneDrive or Google
  • Easy Contactless workflows: Use the mobile app to control any Kyocera HyPAS MFP

MyQ Roger’s straightforward integration with Google Education and compatibility with Chromebooks make it an ideal solution for schools, K-12 students, and IT staff. The solution modernizes existing printing systems, serves the education market well, and offers features such as:

  • Intuitive functions for users and IT staff
  • Built-in cost-saving tools to control over usage
  • Pull print capabilities for extra security, reduced network strain, and office efficiency

The Kyocera product line is now available from Repro Products, email marketing@reproproducts.com to learn more about MyQ Roger as well as Kyocera’s copiers and multifunction printers.

Xerox Corporation Wins BLI 2022 Document Imaging Software Line of the Year Award from Keypoint Intelligence

Click here to download article as a PDF

Fairfield, NJ – Keypoint Intelligence, the world’s leading independent provider of testing services and analytical information to the document imaging industry, today announced that Xerox Corporation has won the coveted Buyers Lab (BLI) 2022 Document Imaging Software Line of the Year Award. Given once a year, this prestigious accolade recognizes the vendor that offers the most complete portfolio across the range of document imaging software solution categories that Keypoint Intelligence covers on its bliQ subscription service.

“The pandemic crisis and continuing hybrid work environments have meant that the majority of knowledge workers are away from their offices at least some of the time, but they still need access to critical documents and collaborative workflows to keep the organization running,” said Jamie Bsales, Director of Smart Workplace & Security Analysis at Keypoint Intelligence. “Our study this year paid particular attention to the vendors that best enabled this transition. In this regard, Xerox stood out for its impressive portfolio of apps, software, and services that equip customers to meet the challenges presented when being in the office is not a given.”

To determine the award recipient, Keypoint Intelligence’s experienced analysts consider the imaging software each leading OEM officially sells and supports via its direct and independent sales channels. The vendor’s own products and those from partner ISVs are accounted for in the categories Keypoint Intelligence covers in bliQ Solutions Center: MFP Apps & Connectors, Capture & Workflow, Document Management/ECM, Fleet Management & MPS Tools, Output Management, and others. Another consideration is the variety of offerings in each of those categories to suit the needs of different size organizations, from small businesses to global enterprises.

In the study, Xerox improved upon its past award-winning showings thanks to introductions and acquisitions in key areas. The company and its developer partners have continued the expansion of an unrivaled portfolio of MFP apps, especially those targeted at key vertical markets such as Healthcare, Education, and Retail. Moreover, the handy Xerox Workflow Central solution extends access to select apps to PCs and mobile devices. The wide-ranging XMPie suite delivers a host of content creation and management tools for effective multichannel marketing, while the Xerox DocuShare family of products delivers class-leading, document-centric content management and collaboration abilities. Also of note is the impressive CareAR remote service platform that leverages XR (extended reality) technology to help field-service personnel as well as customers keep equipment operational. And this is all in addition to solutions from the leading document imaging software developers such as ABBYY, Kofax, Pharos, and a host of others.

About Keypoint Intelligence

For 60 years, clients in the digital imaging industry have relied on Keypoint Intelligence for independent hands-on testing, lab data, and extensive market research to drive their product and sales success. Keypoint Intelligence has been recognized as the industry’s most trusted resource for unbiased information, analysis, and awards due to decades of analyst experience. Customers have harnessed this mission-critical knowledge for strategic decision-making, daily sales enablement, and operational excellence to improve business goals and increase bottom lines. With a central focus on clients, Keypoint Intelligence continues to evolve as the industry changes by expanding offerings and updating methods, while intimately understanding and serving manufacturers’, channels’, and their customers’ transformation in the digital printing and imaging sector.

About BLI Line of the Year Awards

Line of the Year Awards salute the companies that provide a broad range of hardware or software and whose products consistently performed above average throughout testing. Much consideration is also made by Keypoint Intelligence analysts and technicians in areas such as ease of use, features, and value, across an entire portfolio for that product area, with the end result being the most prestigious Buyers Lab Awards offered.

Carl Schell
+1 973-434-7151

Xerox takes top spot in Quocirca’s MPS report for cloud capabilities, exceptional security and strong hybrid workplace support

NORWALK, Conn., MAR 25, 2021 — Xerox, a global workplace technology company, remains the leader in the worldwide managed print services (MPS) market, securing the top position in Quocirca’s worldwide market landscape report.

“Xerox continues to impress with its leadership position as an established and innovative MPS provider, recognized for its cloud capabilities, exceptional security features and strong support for the hybrid workplace environment,” said Quocirca Director Louella Fernandes. “Xerox’s comprehensive service portfolio supported by a mature global service delivery platform helps position Xerox as a leader in the market.”

While the global pandemic presented new challenges for MPS providers, Xerox remained the leader in this space due to its broad service offerings across the office and production print environments, and its deep expertise in business process automation, according to Quocirca.

“Our clients vocalized a clear need to accelerate their digital transformation and cybersecurity roadmap,” said Mike Feldman, president of Americas Operations and Global Document Services for Xerox. “We are proud of this ranking as it recognizes Xerox’s portfolio of solutions that serves organizations small and large, across all major industries, and helps them achieve these goals.”

As more companies envision a blend of remote and office work, Xerox® Intelligent Workplace Services (IWS) helps enable a hybrid workforce with technology and services that allow Xerox customers to provide their employees increased productivity, efficiency, and security, no matter where they are working.

“IWS includes a core set of MPS capabilities – assessment and optimization, fleet management and print management; plus, a set of digital transformation capabilities – capture and digitization, workflow automation, and content management,” according to the Quocirca report.

Xerox also offers customers protection against various forms of cyber-attacks or other related risks through a combination of capabilities, services and partnerships.

“Xerox ConnectKey® technology features a comprehensive set of advanced security features in partnership with McAfee and Cisco – which is a strong differentiator. Secure device and document management monitors devices, usage and content for compliance to policies, regulatory requirements and data privacy acts,” the Quocirca report states.

Additionally, Xerox continues advancing its cloud strategy, ensuring its cloud initiatives are consistent with customer requirements. According to the report, “Xerox is a leader in enabling mobile workers’ needs with a portfolio of cloud capabilities from seamless printing independent of location, and other aspects of mobile user workflow such as capture and MFP apps.”

To view the full article on the Xerox website, click here.


With over 40 years of print experience, Repro Products is uniquely qualified to provide the print expertise you need to make the best buying decisions for your business. Our award-winning service department with over 200 years of combined experience, and Repro Products is the premiere Xerox Platinum Partner for the City of Atlanta. Click below to start a conversation with our team of Xerox pros about letting Xerox multifunction devices and apps streamline your workflow.

Repro Products’ 41 Years in Business

June 6th is a very special day for Repro Products – it marks the day our President, Bob Feldberg made his first sale. In the beginning, Repro Products, Inc. (RPI) sold drafting supplies. Later, we became a blue printer and began to sell wide format print equipment.

Recognizing the need to change with our customers and technology, through the years we added products and services to align with advancements that affected our design and construction clients:

  • Our experience as a blue printer provided us with a unique perspective on engineering, architectural and construction industries and facilitated our move from selling drafting angles and tables into selling and supporting Autodesk Software. We have now been an Autodesk reseller for over 25 years and are a Gold Partner and Autodesk Authorized Training Center.
  • Although we still do a lot printing for our clients, our print shop’s production services grew to incorporate digital services including managing plan rooms, metadata entry and data mapping.

In the last decade there was another shift — a larger demand for half-size prints. Although printed on 11×17” paper, a half-size print requires more expertise from a printer than producing a regular office document. Ten years ago, we expanded our decades-long affiliation with Xerox and became the designated metro Atlanta Xerox Agency providing multifunction and production devices that support not only our architectural and construction customers’ drawings but also the office staff and marketing teams (and production printers) of a wide variety of businesses throughout metro Atlanta.

One division of our business works diligently with our clients helping them make better BIM (Building Information Modeling) models. The other part still prints 2D plans. As the two worlds become closer and closer in technology, we changed from meeting in architects’ and engineers’ offices to engaging with our construction clients on their job sites. The experience of being in the field with our clients, working with them on projects they are trying to win and witnessing the end results of jobs they designed and built, we realized there were still some important solutions we needed to provide.

One large hole to fill was accurate building documentation. Our clients need it to bid a project, plan it effectively, ensure it is being built correctly and to provide a more complete deliverable to their clients. Everyone knows that as-built drawings are a myth. And even with BIM-enabled construction sites, the need to ensure what is being built as it is being built is important.

We knew that 3D laser scanning was the answer to getting this vital documentation. We provide 3D laser scanning services across the U.S. for business ranging from architectural firms to general contractors to manufacturing plants.

Just possessing accurate data is not enough, though. We knew we had to own the proper data capture and use workflow. Receiving data that is approachable and usable is vital to our clients’ success. For our Autodesk software users, we train on how to actually use the data in the software. Our non-design clients receive an accurate 3D image file that lets them move around, see and measure virtually but with real, accurate data.

We invite you to join our journey as we venture into the next 41 years, evolving our offerings to meet the next technological advancements.

Reduce Reworks & Costs with Color in Wide Format Printing

BIM is no longer just a cool buzz word to throw around at cocktail parties, it is a reality and it is here to stay.  According to McGraw Hill, 50% of owners are requiring BIM to be used on their projects.  The increase of BIM is directly tied to the increase of IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) contracts which means the burden for change orders and mistakes is spread around.

As the competition for jobs increases, it is incumbent on firms to stand out.  But how?  By investing in a color wide format printer, of course!  What, how can that be the answer?  I didn’t even buy into BIM being a cool buzz word at parties – no way spending money on color printing is the answer to winning work and being more profitable.  Or is it?  Keep reading, it will all come together . . .

Why is BIM Driving Color in Wide Format Printing?

Better collaboration and understanding of construction documents helps reduce rework (read that as COSTS) on jobs.  The Economist estimated that 10 – 30% of the costs of any given project can be attributed to mistakes, rework or errors.  Printing construction documents in color increases productivity, reduces delays and reduces litigation.  Europe has already embraced color printing with 50% of construction documents printed in color, compared to 10% in the U.S.

So how does this translate into winning more jobs and reducing expenses?  Color documents reduce search time by up to 80% and reduce errors by 80% while increasing retention by 78%.  If you can reduce the time on a job, reduce errors AND reduce the costs, your clients will take notice.

But doesn’t color cost a lot more than black and white?  Recent developments in wide format technology have brought down the price of color printing making it more affordable than ever while increasing the print speeds.  If you are unsure of the benefits of color printing, though, perhaps you would be prudent to send some documents to your local reprographer and allow them to print them for you in color.  Use them on your job site and see for yourself how big a difference they can make for you.

Interested in a color wide format printer?

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