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Toshiba’s Best Practices for Print Security

Document security is a crucial aspect for any organization that handles sensitive information. From its inception to disposal, documents must be safeguarded to prevent unauthorized access, tampering or loss of information. This involves securing the document capture, store, and delivery processes in a print environment.

Here are some best practices to ensure document security:

Secure data capture: Companies must ensure that the print devices use secure print protocols and encrypted transmission channels for scanning documents. Communication devices should be configured with TLS 1.2 or higher, HTTPS and WPA2 for wireless security. Unsecured or unused wireless communication (Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth) should be disabled on the print devices. Whitelisting the scan destinations ensures that sensitive documents can be scanned to only specific scan destinations.

Document Encryption: It is essential to ensure that business documents are encrypted, and password protected when they are stored or shared, so in case a document falls into the wrong hands, they are not able to open the documents. Adding security stamps to stored documents helps organizations determine the source of the documents and avoid any tampering.

Secure document delivery: Organizations must ensure that their document delivery process is fully secure to avoid eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks. Implementing secure print release solutions for their printer fleet ensures that confidential documents are held in a secure print queue until the owner of the print job authenticates and releases the print job at the printer. Secure document exchange ensures that only the intended recipient can access the file.

Document copy protection & tracking: Certain document types should never be copied or scanned. Print devices must provide a mechanism to protect such documents from copy, print or scan. Hardcopy security features within multifunction devices protect classified documents from illegal copies being made.

In conclusion, ensuring document security is critical for any organization that handles sensitive information. Companies must take appropriate measures to secure their document capture, store, and delivery processes in a print environment. Repro Products’ Toshiba line of products provides a range of solutions that can help organizations improve their document security practices. If you are interested in learning more about our line of Toshiba copiers and multifunction printers click HERE  or email