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Work Smarter, Not Harder With A Xerox Workplace Assistant

3 Tips to a Smarter Workplace with Xerox VersaLink and Altalink print technology

The pressure to complete tasks quickly in the workplace by a certain deadline has only grown exponentially. Tight deadlines are the new normal. Thankfully the new Xerox workplace assistant is here to swoop in and save the day. These workplace assistants will cut wasteful steps and transform the way work gets done. The best part is that the machines are designed to be instantly familiar and to seamlessly integrate with your existing setup.

Check out the key benefits of these smart printers that will catapult you to a next-generation workplace that can be tailored to enhancing your business.

Improved Mobile Capabilities

  • The versatile 3-in-1 Xerox Mobile Link app allows you to capture, manage, and send your prints.
  • Powerful processes can be created and implemented right from your iOS or Android device – using one-touch workflows to easily scan, modify and share.
  • Xerox mobile apps allow you to  utilize both the physical and digital worlds. Step 1) Capture from the mobile camera or the smart printer.  2) Tweak, merge or secure the document. 3) Share instantly to single or multiple destinations – email, local folders, cloud repositories, workflow.

Recognizable Interface

  • Discover a familiar tablet-like interface across the entire family of VersaLink and AltaLink printers and multifunction printers .
  • The interface is optimized to make every interaction as simple and efficient as possible.
  • Experience a personalized interface with your very own favorites, layouts and apps to get more done.

Smart Devices for a Smarter Workplace

  • Easily start or continue any work process right from your app or MFP thanks to  Xerox ConnectKey technology.
  • The Xerox App Gallery allows you to add new capabilities as you go.
  • A customer favorite from an ever-growing selection of apps is the Xerox® Easy Translator Service app, which allows you to copy a document into 40+ languages!
  • One-tap access to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Office 365 will reduce the steps it takes to scan, retrieve and collaborate on materials in the cloud.

Interested in a Workplace Assistant for your Business?

If you need help figuring out what MFP would best suit your business functionality, then please contact us and we can help you choose the best option tailored to your specific office needs. We look forward to helping you choose a printer that will play a crucial role in enhancing the performance of your business.