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The Bold Benefits of Color

Check out this Xerox blog below about the Bold Benefits of Color in Printing.

Benefits of Color in Printing

Color isn’t just for special occasions when you want to impress or add a little emphasis. Color makes an enormous impact in everyday use – from marketing and advertising materials to dazzling your boss with engaging presentations and getting that proposal approved. Here’s why you should use it more liberally in your everyday communications.

Capturing the imagination

Research proves the power of color in capturing the attention of an audience. Upon immediate exposure to materials that represent you or your brand, viewers may accept or reject based on the presence of color. In fact, color makes an impression that is 39% more memorable, sells 80% more and improves brand recognition by up to a whopping 80%*.

Challenge the color-is-costly mindset

The “color as too costly” mindset is as antiquated as the very first print technology. When it comes to performance, today’s color printing with printers like the Xerox® VersaLink® C405 built on ConnectKey® Technology  and are comparable to mono printing in speed, advanced functionality and user friendliness, not to mention in networking and manageability.

Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology makes using color and saving money compatible with simple controls that can restrict usage and regulate color printing.

woman running with colorful fabric on the beach

How to make a splash

Now that you know color is both engaging and affordable, you can focus on how to use it wisely. Implement the use of a style guide that establishes rules for what colors to apply to your materials, and understand the impact certain colors have on the psychology of your audience. Use color strategically, not just on a whim; highlight calls-to-action and response buttons, key information and phone numbers – all are proven to up a business’s response rate.

Captivate with Color

Captivate with Color: Letter size

Infographic thumbnail for Capivate with Color Letter size

Download the letter size infographic (PDF, 185 KB)

Captivate with Color: Tabloid size

Infographic thumbnail for Capivate with Color Tabloid size

Download the tabloid size infographic (PDF, 260 KB)

The power of color

If you’ve ever painted a room one color only to paint it over in another, you know that too much of a good thing always so good. Take the time to learn about the emotional messaging around color to make sure your brand colors and collateral reflect you or your business’s personality and place in the world.

For example, we all know red attracts attention. Did you also know it actually increases heart rate? You may love the color but if your yoga studio flyer features it you may be doing downward dog all by yourself.


bundles of color pencils stacked

Color and design tips for maximum marketing impact

Understanding how color works on your audience is essential to controlling your message and content. Successful content marketing depends on knowing how colors work best together.

Color is only as effective as your printer

The whole reason you’re using color is to leave an impression with your audience and, in turn, to sell (studies say that color can actually help you sell 80 percent more*). Make sure all your creative work pays off by using a high-quality color printer to match the high-quality output you need.

Count on the Xerox® VersaLink® C405 Color Multifunction Printer for your color needs in today’s modern workspace:

  • Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled smart Workplace Assistant
  • Revolutionary productivity from the new benchmark in multifunction printers
  • The versatile workplace assistant for every office no matter the size

Contact us today on how color can help you and your business today.

Source: Link to the original Xerox blog