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Xerox Boosts MFP Productivity with ConnectKey Technology


Xerox ConnectKey technology revolutionizes your workflow capabilities with apps to ensure you get the job done. 

The way the world works has changed. Technological advances, such as: mobile-based applications, ‘the cloud’ and email have created a shift in demand for technology to improve workflows while limiting the need for paper.

However, paper has not yet died, in fact, an estimated 40 percent of business processes still require paper.

So this begs the question: How will we improve our workflows?

Well, your multi-function printer (MFP) is one way to bridge the gap between processes that involve a mix of print and digital documents. By investing in the right solutions that will streamline your business processes, you can limit the amount of time your workforce spends on menial tasks and thus increase the productivity of your team and your bottom-line.

To help tackle the task of improving workflows, Xerox announces the 2016 ConnectKey Technology enabled i-Series MFPs. The ConnectKey Technology ecosystem is a combination of hardware and a common set of software solutions and apps, developed by Xerox and its partners, to help simplify and improve the way our customers work.

Let’s take a closer look at the Xerox ConnectKey Technology and how it works:


Increase Productivity

The 2016 Xerox ConnectKey Technology enabled i-Series MFPs come loaded with a new service, the Xerox App Gallery. From this revolutionary portal, you can access additional apps for personal customization. Imagine setting up print and scan workflows that are connected directly to cloud hosting services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Office 365,  Microsoft OneDrive and Box, allowing you to print or scan documents that you’ve saved without having to connect to your computer. This is just one way that ConnectKey Technology increases your productivity.

Broaden Communication

Have you ever run into the occasional situation where documentation was in another language? Well, with the new Xerox Easy Translator Service you can translate any document easily from your ConnectKey MFP. Simply scan the document in the original language and select your output language, and the ConnectKey MFP will print the translated document at the device using machine translation. Even better, you can use this service with a picture from your smartphone or drag and drop from any document repository in our online portal at https://xeroxtranslates.com/.

Extend Mobile-Usability

Increase your productivity by extending your mobile capabilities with Xerox ConnectKey Technology. Regain wasted time and effort throughout your office with simpler processes and centralized print management. Add extra productivity with anything-to-anywhere mobile printing. And secure both your printers and printed documents.

Xerox has talked a lot about the ways you can make it easy for mobile workers to print from iOSAndroid and with the Xerox Mobile Print Solution, and the latest version of ConnectKey Technology makes it even easier. Embedded on the front screen of new i-Series MFPs are 2 apps that keep your mobile workforce productive:

@PrintByXerox App

Whether it’s from your laptop, your smartphone or your tablet, you can print to an MFP by sending your document via email to an @PrintByXerox email address.

QR Code

When you are using a Xerox app to print or scan from a device, connecting to the specific MFP you’d like to print to is now easier. Once the app is loaded on your smartphone or tablet, you can walk up to the ConnectKey enabled MFP and the device pairs with a simple scan of a QR code. This makes scanning, printing and sharing your documents to a multitude of repositories seamless.

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